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Testing & Standards

Testing and Standards

Our goal is to make environmentally friendly plastic by providing advanced oxo biodegradable masterbatch with high standards to reach almost every region of the planet.
  1.  ASTM D6954: A complete study on Oxygreen by Intertek
  2.  ASTM D5208: Abiotic Degradation study by CIPET – India
  3.  ASTM 5272: Performance of Oxygreen by Blend Colours
  4.  FOOD Grade: Global and National authorized certifications

Complete study by Intertek.

Oxo-Bio Degradation Process 

Tier 1:  Abiotic Degradation

Molecular weight reduction with time ~ Process of Oxidation.

Tier 2:  Biotic Degradation

Biodegradation (%) Vs Time (Days)

Tier 3: Eco-Toxicity

Effect of compost containing positive control and oxygreen plastic film sample on plant growth.

Triticum Aestivum

oxo biodegradable additives

Results showed that the Oxygreen plastic showed no effect on the plant growth and showed no visible damage to the plants.. (by adding 25% and 50% Dose of compost and measuring Germination %, Shoot Length, Root Length ).

Brassica Juncea

eco friendly paper bags
oxygreen made in india
astm international
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