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Oxygreen plastic additive

Oxygreen Plastic Additive is the most effective way to help the degradation of plastic into Earth.

The effects Oxygreen plastic additives have for our planet in the future are adverse. Keeping our next generation in mind, we, at Blend Colours have taken an initiative towards making safer plastics using plastic additives.

biodegradable plastic shopping bags

Oxygreen biodegradable plastic additive is India’s first advanced Oxo-Biodegradable additive, which has been tested under ASTM standards to be added to plastic products so that they can go back to earth without affecting the planet. Oxygreen uses Oxo-biodegradation technology thereby accelerating the plastic degradation. 

Oxygreen plastic additive can be incorporated in a wide range of plastic products like shopping bags, agricultural mulch films, flexible packaging. By adding this plastic additive to plastic processing, there will be no changes to process and product behaves like a conventional product during its intended service life. Soon after the plastic is discarded (different disposal environments), the plastic additive initiates oxo-biodegradtion where the plastic product will start losing its molecular weight and turns into hydrophilic molecular fragmentation, helping faster degradation.

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Plastic made degradable like never before.