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Rejoice! Plastic degradation is now accelerated. Plastic is now a part of nature.

Going green made easy, plastic made organic like never before.

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1% of Oxygreen biodegradable plastic additive added to Plastics accelerates its ability to biodegrade in anaerobic and aerobic environments.

Through years of research and development Blend Colours has created some of the highest quality biodegradable plastic additives like Oxygreen while maintaining affordability no matter what size of industry or product you may be creating material for. Biodegradable Plastic additive Oxygreen, when added in small quantities to the most common and widely used commodity resins during the manufacture of finished plastic products, accelerates the degradation of plastics. Products that have been treated with Oxygreen biodegradable plastic additive can see results of biodegradability in landfills, anaerobic digestion systems, and aerobic facilities.

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Oxo Biodegradation

Oxygreen Biodegradable Plastic Additives undergo an oxidative process that is kicked off by catalytic additives followed by biodegradation.

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About Oxygreen Additive

With Oxygreen Biodegradable Plastic Additives, plastic degradation is enhanced with the help of microbes consuming plastic at a faster rate.

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How Technology Works

From manufacture to mulch, explore the distinct planned-life phases of Oxygreen oxo-biodegradable plastic additives and plastic degradation.

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“Oxygreen Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Additives.”

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Testimonials from leading Industry figures

Having global understanding and presence in different markets, Oxygreen oxo-biodegradable plastic additives help us to fulfill global standards towards safe plastics manufacturing.
Ivars Material
Being the suppliers and manufacturers of plain and printed poly bags, Oxygreen oxo-biodegradable plastic additives helps us to show responsibility in making environment-friendly plastics.
SPP Poly Pack
With an experience of over two decades in the plastic industry and with the growing demand in the Indian market for flexible packaging materials, we see great possibilities with Oxygreen biodegradable plastic additives to spread our brand across the globe.
Shrinath Rotopack

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Plastic made degradable like never before.